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SOPE Application Server

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Project Release Information

2006-08-28 19:44
This release fixes a set of minor bugs. It improves the vCard parser, the IMAP4 client library, the MySQL adaptor, and BSD packaging.
2006-07-17 02:13
This release adds support for 64-bit platforms. Support for the WebDrive WebDAV client was improved. The gnustep-objc subpackage was removed and libFoundation was bumped to 1.1.3, which removes the requirement for a SOPE/lF specific libobjc.
2006-07-03 15:51
Besides a few bugfixes, a lot of work was done on
the WebDAV support. WebDAV lock support was
improved, additional properties were mapped, and
support for WebDAV REPORTs was improved. The
authentication module now supports the login
mechanism used by the Google GData API.
2006-03-30 23:14
This release mostly fixes bugs found in 4.5.5. Issues were fixed in quoted printable handling. A lot of LDAP related issues were fixed. Support for Windows style WebDAV was improved. GCC 4.0 warnings were fixed. Bug reports touched by this release are #995, #1588, #1624, #1590, and #1568.
2005-10-10 00:38
The major additions are support for CoreData based applications on Mac OS X 10.4 and the first version of an installer package for Mac OS X. This release contains more than fifty fixes and enhancements in various parts of the package, including the new WOSetHeader and WOCopyValue elements, as well as major improvements in the support for iCalendar recurrence rules.

Project Resources

Project Description

The SOPE package is an extensive set of frameworks (16 frameworks, ~1500 classes) which form a complete Web application server environment. Besides the Apple WebObjects compatible appserver extended with Zope concepts, it contains a large set of reusable classes: XML processing (SAX, DOM, XML-RPC), MIME/IMAP4 processing, LDAP connectivity, RDBMS connectivity, and iCalendar parsing. The parts of the package can be used stand-alone (e.g. in Cocoa applications) and do not require the appserver parts. For MacOSX developers, the package includes SOPE:X, which contains special Xcode and Cocoa support for SOPE.

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