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Prayer Board

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Project Release Information

2007-11-02 08:18
The license was changed from GPL2+ to GPL3+. Minor
compatibility fixes were made for MySQL 5 and PHP
2005-02-01 19:56
This release is easier to integrate into existing Web sites. Bugs have been fixed.
2003-10-04 23:30
2003-04-12 23:14
An annoying double escaping problem was fixed. Optional autocreation of database and table was added. An option to disable posting and expiration was added. Annoying caching is now disabled by default. Clean up: separated configuration. The database abstraction was rewritten to clean up the code.
2003-04-06 21:32
A critical file was omitted.

Project Resources

Project Description

Prayer Board records, organizes, and displays
requests for prayer with a Web-based interface.

(This Description is auto-translated)