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Project Release Information

2005-12-08 01:52
This is a release candidate for the next stable version. The most notable changes are the update to Linux 2.4.32 and OpenVPN 2.0.5. Bugfixes include changes to make DMZ configurations work again, and a change to the Windows build to correctly create archives on network drives and when the pathname includes spaces. Chrony now has support for Y2K-impaired BIOS clocks.
2005-11-19 17:27
The most visible change of this release is the reworked Web interface.
Most user interfaces (Win-IMONC, administration menu, Web interface) are
now available in German, English, French, and Dutch. There now is a new
package to run fli4l inside a Xen domain. Some minor software updates
include uClibc 0.9.28 (with LFS), a kernel with IPv6 support, dnsmasq
2.23, chrony 2.0.2, syslinux 3.11, ipppd 3.7 (mschap-support works), and
OpenVPN 2.0.5. The wlan package now has some WPA2-enabled drivers, the
rt2500 driver, and a new version of hostap (0.3.9).
2005-05-03 18:25
The Linux kernel was updated to 2.4.27 with APIC
support and patches for netdev random,
ignore_ksoftirq, ebtables, and advanced routing.
The main build scripts were overhauled, so there
is now a generic insted of different
scripts for different media. Simple DMZ support
was added. The advanced_networking package was
added with support for bridge, bonding, VLAN and
ebtables. Experimental support was added for
DNSMasq as a DNS server. dropbear, OpenVPN,
eagle-usb, hostap, prism54, and the Fritz!Card DSL
SL USB driver were updated. Many minor fixes and
enhancments were made.
2004-09-12 20:21
The kernel is now patched with some parts of grsecurity. More flexible boot handling was added, which should make it possible to support more different boot media. Routers can be switched off automatically if APM is supported. The packet filter has a more flexible configuration. A new time server package using chrony was added. Support for Fritz!Card DSL USB, Fritz!X USB, and Fritz!Card USB was added. There are software updates and several bugfixes.
2004-05-03 11:44
Kernel 2.4.26 and uClibc 0.9.26 are now used. The RAM disks
were replaced by tmpfs. The SSHD now supports TCP
forwarding once again. Multiple W-LAN cards are supported,
and WEP keys can be entered in a Windows-compatible form.
raw-up/raw-down scripts similar to ip-up/ip-down were
provided for raw ISDN circuits, and some minor fixes and
changes were made.

Project Resources

Project Description

fli4l is a single-floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/ethernet-router. It features configuration with some simple ASCII-files, several possible connection-flavors (in/out/callback, and raw IP/PPP), channel bundling (an extra channel can be added through a Windows/Unix-client), configuration of multiple networks, least-cost routing, automatic choice of provider, display/calculation of connection times and costs, and a Windows/Unix client to control dial/hangup, monitor traffic and monitor incoming calls on ISDN (see screenshot).