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Project Release Information

2009-12-23 01:21
This release comes with Linux kernel To further modularize fli4l, DNS/DHCP was moved from base to its own package. The DynDNS package now allows updates via HTTPS. This also contains all changes from the 3.3.x development branch.
2006-12-26 03:57
This is a pure bugfix release. Most prominently, this fixes the recent madwifi driver vulnerabilities, so users who are using their router with Atheros hardware in managed mode should update as soon as possible. Many binaries were updated to newer versions in this release. There were some minor fixes and improvements in the OpenVPN and HTTPD packages. The variable DNS_TRIGGER_DIAL_IN is now obsolete.
2006-09-09 09:29
This release features a major speedup in the build process by using gen_init_tar/gen_init_cpio. The Web interface is now skinnable and some page elements were changed from tables to lists to make it easier to apply CSS rules. Some legacy support was removed. This version also features new versions of busybox, tor, and pppd.
2006-02-24 20:22
Some bugs in the old packet filter config were fixed. Some limits in imond were raised, so users can use more different dial-in/-out connections. Some fixes to the DNS server prevent the query that triggered a dial-in to be lost. chrony can now notify other packages of time warps (useful for hardware without an RTC battery). Some minor bugfixes.
2005-12-24 17:14
This release switches to Linux kernel 2.4 and from an old libc5 to the
new uclibc, which is targeted for embedded systems. Windows users will
benefit from the new graphical build frontend. The status Web frontend
has received a major overhaul and now has a modern CSS layout. The
SSH-package now includes dropbear to support SSH2. fli4l can now be
configured to act as an OpenVPN server. DynDNS is now part of the fli4l
core packages.

Project Resources

Project Description

fli4l is a single-floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/ethernet-router. It features configuration with some simple ASCII-files, several possible connection-flavors (in/out/callback, and raw IP/PPP), channel bundling (an extra channel can be added through a Windows/Unix-client), configuration of multiple networks, least-cost routing, automatic choice of provider, display/calculation of connection times and costs, and a Windows/Unix client to control dial/hangup, monitor traffic and monitor incoming calls on ISDN (see screenshot).